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I'll prove to the crowd that I come out stronger!

(though I think I might lie here a little longer.)

hi, my name is slim shadey
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You know when you're me when...

-Remus/Sirius isn't a belief. It's a way of life.
-You are an environmentalist who hates all things outdoorsy, except for canoeing, which totally owns.
-You get very offended when someone uses the word "Indian" to refer to Native Americans.
-Swedish Fish are an addiction.
-Jon/Stephen is your fake fake news OTP.
-You have ever wondered if Eggs Benedict were named after Benedict Arnold. Or were they created by some random guy named Benedict? If so, did he realize that his eggs were treacherous?
-You are being hunted by Voldemort (*gasp*) by his EVIL EGG ASSASSINS.
-You have ever had "Stars and Stripes Forever" stuck in your head.
-Samantha Bee is your hero.
-You strive to write poetry like Felix Dennis.
-Anyone who can use "homopiratical agenda" in a normal conversation immediately becomes your friend.
-The world is your emo corner.
-TB! exists.
-Anyone who can use "SOOOOOO GOOD!" or "Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior!" in a normal conversation immediately becomes your friend.
-You love long black and white foreign films with subtitles.
-Winona Ryder scares the b'Jesus out of you.
-Alex Kapranos is your wannabe celeb biffle.
-Tyson + blueberry jam = OH YES. (according to brownsaucesambo)
-On the subject of Ann Coulter, your immediate reaction is to say out loud, "Bitch is crazy. You know she ain't gettin' none."

If you can agree with one of the above, CONGRATULATIONS! You have a bit of me in you.

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